Dennis Hoffman

Managing Director, Co-Founder

A serial – and often parallel – entrepreneur, Dennis Hoffman began in business at age seven, when he bought fresh Doughnuts from a local Krispy Kreme hoffmanbakery and sold them to his neighbors in Falls Church, Virginia. Since then, he’s helped launch more than a dozen businesses employing thousands of people in the analytics, hospitality, publishing, and direct marketing industries.

Dennis is a founder of H3 Holdings, a small angel fund based in New York and a partner in Wellrock Capital Partners. His businesses have been recognized on the Inc. Magazine list of the fastest growing companies in America three times.

Dennis is an active investor in pharmaceuticals, restaurants, and commercial real estate. He takes an investment approach that involves tactical and strategic as well as financial support and serves on advisory committees, boards, and as an informal adviser for dozens of businesses. Dennis was an early round investor in Engage, Volt, Range, LunchBox, Family Meal, Rogue 24, Graffiato, DGS Delicatessen, RHA Marketing, CashBox, and Big Bamboo.

Dennis has been active in the Young Entrepreneur’s Organization since he was a young entrepreneur. He has held several leadership positions, leading local and regional groups with businesses totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. He has appeared on Good Morning America and the NBC Nightly News, and in The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, Inc. Magazine, and hundreds of other national and local media outlets.